Carney is off the Road and on Broadway Stage

the multiplicitously talented band Carney is off the road and on the stage, Spiderman on Broadway Rehearsal time. How do I know?

Well, this Philly Morning Show guy, Ross Brittain, has a side ‘show prep’ gig: publishing interesting daily news reports for dj’s around the country (he probably earns more at the publishing thing — the way radio is these days!). Personally, i don’t subscribe, however, a headline about BP, 90 days etc caught my eye.
Glanced through the rest, and the only musical news item was this one:

Grace notes:
What do you do if the lead singer of your band lands the lead role in a new Broadway musical? The members of CARNEY have come up with an interesting solution. The group’s frontman, REEVE CARNEY, will play Peter Parker in “Spider-Man,” which features songs by BONO and THE EDGE of U2. The band just came off a tour for its debut album, “Mr. Green –Volume 1,” and Reeve went to Las Vegas to taking flying lessons with Cirque Du Soleil. Full rehearsals for the musical are supposed to start today in New York City with an opening set for this fall. While Reeve is on stage, the rest of Carney will be in the pit band for the show, and the band hopes to land a residency at a Manhattan club so they can do midnight gigs after some of the “Spider-Man” performances. (Marino)

Pretty Kewl, huh? Of all the musical news of the day, this is the one story from a guy who’s morning show is ‘oldies’. Does anyone else see the pattern of great things still to come for Carney?

Noted Tweet — “I honestly can’t believe I’m getting paid to do things my mom would have killed me for when I was a kid! Ha!” @ReeveCarney

But at least you’re not doing it on her furniture!


/Lee Ann Waterrs


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