Maybe This Could Help with Oil Spill — Positive Thinking! Interview with NASA Scientist Author

posted by Lee Ann Waterrs, 4/30/2010

What if we all picture in our mind the oil is gone?

Author, NASA Science Guy, Dr. Travis Taylor might agree to the benefits.

Here’s a phone interview with, multiple master-degree holder (physics, aerospace engineering, astronomy, and then some),  NASA science guy about his new book – Science behind the Secret – Decoding the Law of Attraction. Really, you know the age-old self help dogma of positive thinking. This is just scientific theory and research over many years that backs it up. (Einstein’s Quantum Theory is one)

The topic has always been captivating, so I had to hear his thoughts and research.

Audio Interview is quite lengthy, sorry, had no time to edit. Advance apologies if I insult, it was not intentional.


Maybe we can be part of research? Literally test the theory that the mind and universal thoughts can change an outcome. Maybe that’s part of the Saints story?

He says the key is imagining the result, not the desire (don’t wish for a bike, imagine yourself on it). I swear, I tried it, several times. First time, lost my new glasses for 3 days. After interview, I pictured myself holding the glasses (instead of ‘where was I when I had them last?’ No lie, within five minutes they were found). There were other instances too.

What would it hurt if everyone tried?

Here’s the bio info if you want to know more…

How CAN We Always Get What We Want?

Scientist Explains The Laws of Attraction

Topic Summary

Mick Jagger must not be up on modern quantum theory, because if he was, he might not sing that we can’t always get what we want, because there is a scientific basis for the idea that we can.

Have you ever dreamed of getting that big promotion, or driving your dream car, and then set out to do it, to find that all the planets fell into alignment so that your aspirations could come true? Well, it’s not just about rugged individualism — some of what happens is the universe working with you to make it all happen? Sound like science fiction? Believe it or not, there is science fact to back it up.Dr. Travis Taylor is a physicist who should know. He holds no fewer than five degrees and he has authored several books, some science fiction and some science fact, including his latest – The Science Behind The Secret: Decoding the Laws of Attraction from Baen Books (www.doctravis.com).

“We can control our own realities without even realizing we are doing it,” he said. “This is actually true, and there’s science to back it up. We know that at least the known part of the universe that we can see was once so small that it was a teeny-tiny point. All the stuff in the universe we see now — the galaxies, the stars, the black holes, the planets, the space between them, the asteroids, the oceans, the skies, the dirt, the grass, the trees, that rock over there, and all of us — was once a single tiny point all connected as one infinitely dense thingy. In physics classes, we call that thingy the Big Bang Singularity. Through physics, we attempt to write a mathematical equation for this singularity. We don’t really know exactly how to write it yet, but we’re all thinking and working on it. But because we all came from the same matter and the same energy, it stands to reason that we are all connected and everything in our lives, from our mundane daily activities to our lifelong dreams, are part of that connection.”

Topic Overview

According to quantum physics theory, everything in the universe was once all just one thing.

“Then, for some reason — call it God, a universal will, happenstance, accident, or whatever suits you — it expanded into the universe we see today about fourteen billion years later. All the stuff from that singularity point spread out and congealed into all the stuff in the universe we see now: the galaxies, the stars, the black holes, the planets, the space between them, the asteroids, the oceans, the skies, the dirt, the grass, the trees, that rock over there, and all of us. We are all a part of the universe.”

To be clear, Dr. Taylor doesn’t mean that we all are in the same universe.

“I truly mean that we are all part of our one single universe, and it all began from one singularity point,” he added. “Therefore we are all physically connected to and entangled with everything and everyone else that is a part of our universe.”

Scientists don’t really know the full extent of this connection and entanglement, as they are just now devising experiments to study it, but they acknowledge it is there.

“We see it every day in the world around us, but more in the negative aspects. Basic politics, economics, and so on are all ‘end of the world scenarios.’ Bad news sells because we’ve become a culture of negativism.  Holistically, endless scare tactics of bad news on 24/7 channels (no matter which one you prefer) is all bad news all the time. This leads millions to think of the same bad things and therefore projecting the ‘bad news quantum wavefunction’ into the universe.  The bad news then perpetuates into a bad news reality. These scare tactics, in my mind, are true evil, but that being said, we cannot deny the idea that all this negativity begets more negativity. There’s a connection, and we are the endless links in that connection. We can use this connection to perpetuate this negativity, or we can apply it to our own lives to get the things we desire the most and have a positive impact on the world around us, and then allow those connected to us to extend that positivity throughout their worlds.”

About Dr. Travis Taylor

Dr. Travis Taylor is a born and bred southerner and resides just outside Huntsville, Alabama. He has a Doctorate in Optical Science and Engineering, a Master’s degree in Physics, a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, all from the University of Alabama in Huntsville; a Master’s degree in Astronomy from the Univ. of Western Sydney, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Alabama. Dr. Taylorhas worked on various programs for the Department of Defense and NASA for the past 21 years. He is currently working on several advanced propulsion concepts, very large space telescopes, space based beamed energy systems, future combat technologies and systems, and next generation space launch concepts. He is also involved with multiple MASINT, SIGINT, IMINT, and HUMINT concept studies.


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