ZEW Memories – Zewie, the Lost Manatee

Remember Zewie, the Manatee?

The lost Manatee was found last week, Dr. Ruth Carmichael, Dauphin Island Sea Lab gives us an update.


Way back when….

92ZEW was able to get Mobile Morning Legend Trey Matthews to team with our brand new hire, Emily Haze, for the rising sun shift. Sadly, the economic monster attacked, and well, you might know the rest.

During that time, a ‘rogue’ manatee (as Gene called it), spotted in Satsuma waters, was being sought for the manatee’s own safety. Trey and Emily, then the restuvus, got behind the ‘Find the Manatee’ campaign, and consequently, the nice peeps at Dauphin Island Sea Lab named another roaming manatee Zewie.

Well, guess what, ZEWIE WAS FOUND LAST WEEK!!!!

Here’s the note from the lovely Dr. Ruth Carmichael of DISL

We captured and tagged 3 manatees in two days. Thought you would like to know that the first animal we captured this year was Zewie! He is now fitted with a satellite/gps tag, and we can monitor his location in near-realtime! You guys have a traveling fan!

Zewie is also known as CR267, who was first documented as a calf in Crystal River, FL in Nov 1987. We found him as part of a mating herd in the Mobile-Tensaw delta in June 2009 and named him after 92zew (following your interest in our Satsuma refugee).

Very cool to see him again and that, by chance, he was captured this year.

Here are a couple of family photos: 1. Researchers measure Zewie; 2. A local resident on Dog River (Suzi Mutascio) has a close encounter, when we work on Zewie in her yard. Photocredit: Kelly Brinkman 2010.

thank you Dauphin Island Sea Lab for keeping us up-to-date on Zewie’s status! We’re so glad to hear he/she is OK!

And thank you for all the fine work you do for our environment (especially in recent months).


TLC in the Morning




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