Itinerary: Detroit, Chicago, Nashville….. Outer Space?!!

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy mused with UK paper, The Sun, about being the first band to gig in outer-space, as the prospect of tourist friendly space travel be a reality later this year with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

“Maybe I’ve seen The Jetsons too many times,” frontman Matt Bellamy told the Sun. Muse have had several discussions “about playing inspace“, he said, “sometimes very coherent conversations and sometimes very late at night, but it’s for real.” While countless bands have had drunkenly imagined zero-gravity guitar solos, Muse are in the uncommon position of being increasingly successful at a time when the prospect of space travel is increasingly close. Virgin Galactic, Branson’s model for tourist-friendly spaceflight, could launch later this year.

“I’m thinking of approaching Richard Branson to see if we could do it on his spacecraft,” Bellamy said. “I do think it will be possible in the future and I’m sure it will happen in my lifetime. We’d love to be part of that.”

I’d say they’d definitely be perfectly appropriate with their spacious melodies.

Read the rest of the story … Muse reveal plans for gig in space | Music | guardian.co.uk.


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