Music Notes: Springsteen, Black Keys, Occupy Musicians

Black Keys El CaminoBruce Springsteen & the E Street Band to tour in 2012, New Album in the Works.

Sidenote: Happy Birthday Little Steven Van Zandt, 61 today (Nov 22)!!

The Boss announced the news on his website on Sunday, saying that they’ll tour Europe from the middle of May through late July, with dates being announced this week.  He revealed there will also be an America trek with dates for that being announced “shortly.” Bruce went on to say that the band is “almost done” with their new album, which is as-yet-untitled and does not have a release date. Stay up to date by keeping an eye on BruceSpringsteen.net. 

Occupy Wall Street Spreads to Music World with Occupy Musicians

Musicians from across the board have gathered in support of OccupyMusicians.com, a website devoted to the global anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist Occupy movement. Lou Reed, Tom Morello, members of Fugazi, Tune-Yards, Dead Kennedys and more have all shown their support for the site and the cause. Musicians, sound engineers, sound artists, producers, DJs and more are invited to sign up to the website to be part of the movement. OccupyMusicians.com will also serve as a place for people to find events in support of the global movement.

Black Keys on TV

December 6 will see the release of Black Keys’ highly anticipated Dangermouse produced record ‘El Camino’ and of course, a slew of tv appearances:

Dec. 3 – Saturday Night Live with host Steve Bushemi, set to include 2 tunes

Dec. 6 – Comedy Central’s Colbert Report

Dec. 7 – Late Night with Letterman

The Keys also celebrate a special Black Friday edition of Record Store day with the 12″ vinyl release of ‘Lonely Boy’ backed by ‘Run Right Back’. Preorder El Camino Here

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