New Music Soundcheck

New ‘indie’ music soundcheck, for your consideration.   Song audios are below, along with comments if you want to opine.    ;-)  /Lee Ann Waterrs

Black Keys
The ohio duo that moved to Nashville, but have not yet picked up the americana influence. New album ‘El Camino’ produced by Dangermouse and recorded in Auerbach’s Nashville studio. The first single ‘Lonely Boy’ was just released couple days ago with a frenzy of dancing machine activity on the video.
See the uh, enchanting dance video Here

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

Winner – Best bandname in a while.  As they say in NOLA, this ain’t your daddy’s Detroit rockband.  Picking up some of the pop/rock vibes of the early 60’s (Hollies, CSNY, come to mind),  but mixing them together with modern musicabilities in their Royal Oak, MI basement. Undoubtedly will become ‘indie darlings’ quickly.

Tom Waits
Highly anticiapted new album from legendary, influential,  crafty wordman Tom Waits, here’s the first single.

The Hours
If you were a fan of Joe Strummer and the Mesceleros, you might like this, cuz these are the two founding members of the Mesceleros that brought Strummer out of retirement.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Follow up single to Rain Dance Maggie, Monarchy of Roses leads with homehitting lyrics.

The Givers

Lafayette, LA played a pretty good set to big crowd at VooDoo Fest we here.



TLC in the Morning




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