Reward for Recovery of Stolen Pot

Not that kind Silly! The Shed BBQ &  Blues Joint (Ocean Springs) says thieves took off with a very sentimental 50 gallon kettle pot along with a 30 gallon steel pot. 

OCEAN SPRINGS — The owners of The Shed Barbeque & Blues Joint say thieves made off with a huge chunk of their history and they want it back.
A stainless steel pot, the kettle used to cook thousands of gallons of award-winning barbecue sauce, was stolen sometime Wednesday night from behind The Saucery at 2223 Government St. in Ocean Springs, MS, said Shed founder Brad Orrison. The cooker has sentimental value and the Orrison family is offering cash and food as a reward for its safe return. “We’re praying someone’s not in their backyard cutting it up for scrap,” he said. “It’s not just a piece of stainless steel. It’s not just a saucepot.” The 50-gallon pot is engraved with the restaurant’s logo along with the signature of Poppa Jack, the man who shared his secret recipe for barbecue sauce with the Orrison family before he passed away. Orrison figures at least 3 million customers have eaten sauce that was dipped from that pot before it was retired after Hurricane Katrina. A 30-gallon pot was also taken.  Anyone with information about the pots is asked to call Ocean Springs Police at225- 875-2211 or The Shed at 228-875-9590. A reward is offered for any information that leads to the recovery of the pot.


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