Widespread Panic’s Tunes for Tots Gives $80K to Georgia Middle School

Widespread PanicHangout Festival headliners, generous Georgia Jammers get wind of ‘Music Instrument Drive’ at Newbern Middle School in Valdosta and decide to drum up some help through Tunes for Tots, their own charitysince 2005 to help spread music education into public schools.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times. Panic’s passion for the town has lasted since the late 80’s as they frequently played the college until the early 90’s (allegedly the band opted not to return after a mass arrest of concert goers).  However, they put their money where their heart still is. Seems the band heard the Newborn middle school was in danger of losing the music program unless they received a lot of donated instruments & supplies quickly. Panic’s people contacted school people and ulimately donated at least $80,000 worth of music instruments, uniforms, and other supplies for the music department. The Tunes for Tots program gets funds from profits of one big Panic show a year. The band then procures the instruments, uniforms and other necessities for a selected school as opposed to just handing over a sack of cash to an official they don’t really know (rather wise idea).

Read all the other sordid details in the Valdosta Daily Times.

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