ZEW Interview – Arcade Fire at Bonnaroo

posted by Lee Ann Waterrs, 92ZEW

Bonnaroo 2011 was yet another amazing year, especially with Arcade Fire on the bill. WOW. Suburbs is my favorite album of the year, by far.

We got to sit down with drummer Jeremy Gara and talked about the background and recording of The Suburbs (Win & Will were inspired by visiting childhood haunts of Houston), the big Grammy win (his eyes just lit up, they are still so humbly happy to be chosen), the experimental HTML5 video for “We Used to Wait” and more.

It was quite an honor to interview one of my all-time favorite bands, (usually a frightening thing, because if they’re jerks, it just ruins your whole concept of the band.) But wow, the management team and Jeremy were so genuinely nice and enjoying life. He didn’t even make fun of me because I had to use Tim’s Android phone, which of course started ringing after five minutes of chatting.

Sorry about the levels, he’s a soft talker or I’m a loudmouth (btw, the Detroit me broke out toward the end of full interview;  parental advisory ;-).

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