3:30 Theme Park for December 17 didn’t get a winner, can you figure it out?

Wowzers, many close answers, but none right on the bullseye. Think you can figure it out for the prize of a new cd and a giftcard to the Catfish Shack??

  1. The Beatles ‘All Together Now’
  2. Feist ‘1, 2, 3, 4’
  3. The Beatles ‘Taxman’

The object to is to guess the common link or thing of the three songs.

Play the 3:30 Theme Park weekdays at about 3:30 with Lee Ann. Sponsored by The Catfish Shack, home of the flippin’ catfish. Halls Mill Rd. near Demetroplis.


Feel free to pass along any ideas for a theme park to Le Ann too, maybe you can stump the audience.