From The Weather Channel: New Orleans & Isaac, by the numbers


From The Weather Channel


The peak number of power outages in southern Louisiana.


The number of King Cakes sold between January 6 and Fat Tuesday in the city, according to the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.


The total number of workers descending on the city to help restore power, according to Mike Burns, a spokesperson for Entergy Corporation.


The highest wind gust, in miles per hour, recorded in the area so far. It was clocked in Belle Chasse, just down the river from downtown New Orleans.


The estimated number of people who had to be rescued from a neighborhood in Plaquemines Parish, according to NBC News. No reports of injury or death have come from the National Guard rescue yet.


Amount of rainfall, in inches, received by the city on Wednesday — a new daily record.


Average rainfall for the month of August in New Orleans.


The number of hurricanes that have made a direct hit on New Orleans since 1851.


Days since the last direct hit on the city by a hurricane, which was Hurricane Katrina. (Need factcheck.org on this one, we believe Katrina smacked “the Land Mass between NOLA and Mobile”  and rolled over southern Louisiana and Alabama)

$14 billion

The estimated total spent to fortify the levees protecting the city, since the disaster that occurred during Katrina.

$840 million

The amount of money the city makes from each year’s Mardi Gras celebration, according to a University of New Orleans study.

$100 million

Total amount of the new contract signed by Saints quarterback Drew Brees in July.




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