Watch the ZEW’s interview with Imagine Dragons

on their way to Texas, the Vegas band, Imagine Dragons, dropped by 92ZEW’s 2nd 2sday to play a set for true music fans. Mobile’s own Kristy Lee started things out for the live simulcast with her outstanding, cathedral like voice (wish she could have done some backing vocals for ID).
Due to unforeseen circumstances, they were a little late, so we were only able to get a brief interview before the set.
We learned that all members are not Vegans per se, D Wayne is from Utah, Dan from Cali and the other Dan is from these parts, Atlanta. Ben is fourth generation Las Vegan and offers winning advice on gambling “don’t do it”, meanwhile Dan says always bet on red.
The band’s name comes from an anagram they will not reveal the original phrase (ok, what do you think it could be?).
Buttering themselves up for ten shows in three hours at SXSW, we do believe they will impress. They sure impressed the heck out of our crowd. Plus, they seemed to be impressed with our own Kristy Lee.


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