Music Notes: John Fogerty; Flaming Lips


John Fogerty wrapping up a new album which is basically a celebration of Fogerty’s iconic songbook. The twist is some of today’s biggest musicstars in many different genres, will play along.  Foo Fighters (who will do “Fortunate Son”), Bob Seger (“Who’ll Stop The Rain”), Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, My Morning Jacket, Alan Jackson, Dawes and more to be announced.

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Flaming Lips

also releasing album with special guests of differing backgrounds:  Bon Iver, Coldplay, Erykah Badu, Yoko Ono and Ke$ha  Apparently Coyne can’t stop talking about Ke$ha, the latest story he told Pitchfork.com goes something like this:  Coyne received a text from Ke$ha, expressing interest in working together. The eccentric pair decided to record a track about doing acid while the world ends, which Coyne says led to an interesting turn of events.  The California native admitted that she had never done the drug, suggesting they get some right away so she could sing about it. Despite the enthusiasm, Coyne insists the session was clean, explaining, “We didn’t, because I was like ‘Listen lady…we have to record.’ Plus, I didn’t really want her to. The way she is, it’s as though she’s on acid already.”

According to Coyne, a few special edition vinyl versions of the record will include blood samples of the special guest artists.

Heady Fwends hits stores on April 21st. Flaming Lips hit the beach weekend of May 19 for Hangout Festival.


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