New Music Releases today September 4

Matchbox 20 - North on Amazon.com
Matchbox Twenty released their first album since 2007, North, and every song on the album is new. Drummer Paul Doucette told Rolling Stone that the title refers to the band finally finding their way with the direction they wanted to take with the album. Singles include “She’s So Mean,” “Overjoyed” and “Put Your Hands Up.”

Eurythmic Dave Stewart released The Ringmaster General today, and just like its predecessor of last year The Blackbird Diaries it was recorded in Nashville
Ringmaster on Amazon.com
and features a bevy of superstar guest musicians, like Joss Stone, Alison Krause and guitarist Orianthi. Stewart says most of the songs were based on personal experiences, his preferred way to write. …”realize that you don’t really have to sit with a piece of paper for days at a piano trying to think what words to write, that they’re all either there in front of you or the stories have already been written with your own life or the people around you.”

Some of the tracks include “I Got Love,” “Just Another Fall,” “Drowning in the Blues,” “Girl in a Catsuit,” “A New Song for Nashville” and six more. A documentary about the making of both albums already premiered in Nashville on August 22.

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And finally, the highly anticipated Interscope debut from Imagine Dragons (their EP ‘Continued Silence’  has been out for awhile now).  Remember when they dropped by to play for us at the Shed with Kristy Lee? Well, they’re on Jimmy Kimmel show tonight.

Cat Power’s new album Sun, done all by herself. She wrote, played, recorded, and produced the entire album.
Melissa Etheridge’s 4th Street Feeling [Deluxe Edition], Melissa’s 12th studio album of her 25 year career is inspired by her hometown of Leavenworth KS, where 4th Street is kind of the main drag, starting in old downtown.



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