Rock Stars on Reality Pawn TV

Reality pawn/find/picker type shows are becoming the latest rage of reality television. Getting rock stars to pawn or buy their stuff adds more enticement to watch.
Recently, Jack White appeared on The History Channel show ‘American Pickers‘ (two dudes travel America picking through people’s junk rooms for valuable things). White’s appearance was not even promoted. Wonder how many viewers fell off their couches when the pickers are wondering who the heck would buy a stuffed elephant head? They seem to be huge fans of White when they learn he wants to check it out. He ends up trading a jukebox and the photobooth used for the Dead Weather album for a taxidermied elephant head.

So, once again, in reality pawn tv, rock star to appear, but this time to sell something. Aerosmith axeman Joe Perry drops by the Sons of Guns shop to show them an antique black-powder Lyle cannon to rrepair and restore. The Louisiana based show will air on the Discovery channel Sept. 19, 8pm.




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