Watch the Video of Delta Rae’s performance in the 92ZEW Lounge

When the Raleigh-Durham band Delta Rae came to town for 92ZEW’s free concert series, they dropped by the ZEW lounge to entice listeners with their larger-than life sound before their gig at Soul Kitchen. And wow, no matter the circumstances, small room, big room, they stir up the rising revival energy and release it like a tasmanian devil at a riverside baptism.

The current single, the strong and mysterious ‘Bottom of the River’ came in a dream, says Eric. He got the hook and the chorus and worked with the band for the rest of the mysterious sound and lyrics. Let’s hope he has more dreams like that.



The six piece band has four lead vocalists whose harmonies could stand up to any legendary band of the past you can compare them to (Crosby, Stills, et al). Leading the vocals are Elizabeth Hopkins and siblings Brittany, Ian and Eric Hölljes. Mike McKee and Grant Emerson round it out with percussion and drums, but can also be heard lending backing vocals.

While the band is based out of North Carolina, they all came together in California. The sibings moved to Cali at a young age when their toy-inventing dad got a great job. Yep, their dad invents toys for a living, which could explain their effervescent, bubbly personalities. They said growing up was quite magical and fun. (Man can you imagine Christmas at their house?).  They were longtime friends with Elizabeth and decided to form a band with friends Mike and Grant.

More info and buy the record:  deltarae.com



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