Four Tips to Make Internet Browsing Faster and More Enjoyable

Sometimes you run across websites that just don’t seem to look right, or your web browser is cruising the internet superhighway in 2nd gear.
There are some quick fixes you can try to get your cruise back into 5th gear.


Upon taking on the task of website maintenance a couple years ago, I dived in deep and studied many aspects of web design (as much as time would allow anyway). Along the way I learned a few things that cause websites not to work well on some computers, so I thought I’d share some tips, especially since I noticed even our website looks weird on some computers.

1. If you use MS explorer, dump it and get Chrome or Firefox. Why? Developers abhor Explorer because Microsoft refuses to ‘play nice’ in the quickly changing world of webdesign. Some protocols have been established by a World Wide Web Consortium that make design coding consistent across all browsers. Unfortunately, some of those codes will not work in Explorer. MS insists on using their own codes that haven’t yet reached the level of design currently available.  I’m not sure about Opera or other browsers as I’ve not used them. And sometimes it could just be a website coded erroneously.

2. Always keep your browser up-to-date. An older browser lacks some capabilities of newer scripts, like java and jquery. Fun experimental sites won’t work at all (like the new Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor‘ interactive hologram site). Once again, limiting your enjoyment.

3. Clean the ‘cache’ often. It holds a lot of data from every site you visited. Also important because some websites may have changed since you last visited, cleaning the cache will bring up the most recent version.

Clean cache in Chrome by going to ‘Tools’ then ‘Clear Browsing Data’. In Firefox open ‘History’ on menu, then ‘Clear Recent History’. In both instances you’ll be given several choices: clear cookies, history, etc. If you don’t need the history, clear that too. Cookies can be deleted, but it will log you out of any sites that you’ve logged into.

4. Hover your mouse over elements, pictures, etc. Many times a little note pops up telling you what it is and what you can do with it.

So there you go, four simple things to make surfing much better.   Next time, things you didn’t know your smart phone could do.


Lee Ann Waterrs



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