July 2 – Music Notes, History, Birthdays – Springsteen, Doors, Franti, ZZ Ward

5pm Traffic Jam we’ll acknowledge some of rock n roll history, birthdays & music notes. Sponsored by Bojangles, Airport & Azalea.

Jim MorrisonJuly 3rd is the 42nd anniversary of when legendary poet/singer/songwriter, Jim Morrison of The Doors was found dead in a bathtub in France. Jim might have had an inkling that he could die at an early age. His Doors bandmate, the late Ray Manzarek, explained why Morrison put forth such effort on stage.

“Morrison, one of his great lines was, Pam said to him, his girlfriend, Pam, said, playing to a small audience, she said, ‘Jim, why do you knock yourself out like that? There’s hardly anybody here at this place.’ And he said, ‘Honey, you never know when you’re doing your last performance, you’ve got to give it your all every single time.’ And that’s what it was all about, give it your all every single time. Fun, man was it fun.”

In the wake of the death of Ray, the surviving Doors, drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger, are considering a reunion with some famous friends to pay tribute to Manzarek. Stay up to date at TheDoors.com.


Happy Birthday

Roy Bittan, keyboardist, E Street Band is 64. He also played keyboards on Bon Jovi’s hit song “Runaway”

Dave Parsons, bassist for Bush is 48

Historic Music Moments

In 1981…Bruce Springsteen played his first show at New Jersey’s Brendan Byrne Arena. He sold out six gigs at the venue in the space of an hour.

In 1997…After he was awarded Sweden’s Polar Music Prize, Bruce Springsteen gave the cash to a Swedish school program that kept teenagers off the streets.

In 2002…Bruce Springsteen donated 50-thousand dollars to pay for repairs at several playgrounds in Asbury Park, New Jersey

In 1982…Clash drummer Topper Headon was charged with stealing a bus stop sign.

In 1986…Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead performed together at a show in Akron, Ohio. Dylan joined The Dead on three songs.
In 1987…Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones emerged from retirement to begin producing The Mission’s Children.

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Tour Notes

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have been performing songs off their latest album, Wrecking Ball, for well over a year, but later this month, their trek behind the effort will come to an end. However, they’ve scheduled a South American festival gig in September so now fans are wondering if another American leg of the trek might be in the works. When asked about it, guitarist Steven Van Zandt told Rolling Stone, “I really, really don’t know. I know Bruce is off in August, but what happens in October-November, I don’t know. I really don’t. I would tell you, but I don’t know. It’s possibly we’ve passed the point where it’s even possible now… Then you start hearing rumors on the street. Half the time they’re true, so I never know.” So there you have it… kind of. Read more at RollingStone.com.






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