Music Lovers Might Soon be Able to Make Their Own Vinyl Records

3D Vinyl Record revealed at SXSW

As the tech world advances at extremely faster and faster rates, some of us are just content to stick with what we know, a good old-fashioned turntable. But these days, classic vinyl of your favorites is either hard to come by and/or expensive. Enter researcher and super duper smarty pants Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables.com. She’s created what could possibly be the world’s first 3D printable, playable vinyl record.

Ghassaei crafted the tech code that transforms any audio file into a 3D file. The 3D file can then be sent to one of those fancy, schmancy new printers that are all the rage in techie world, the high-resolution Objet Connex 500 3D printer (yes Wally, there is now a printer that prints plastic 3D pieces).
While the coding is still in its infancy stages, we know it won’t be long before it’s perfected.


How it works: The printer prints the audio file on plastic, layer by layer, with the vinyl grooves very visible. Here’s the part that will need advancing, especially for the picky-eared audiophiles, the sound quality. Apparently the final vinyl is stiff like a 78rpm, printed on only one side, and has a much lower bitrate than the real thing, even lower than an mp3 file (about 1/4 the bitrate of an mp3, which reduces sound quality). FYI, MP3’s are lower bitrate than WAV files, which is why we, 92ZEW, stick with only cd’s, records and WAV files for on air broadcast, because of the much higher quality sound, especially after all the transmissions from studio to tower to your radio.

But don’t despair the fair sound, because we all know, it’s just the beginning. Undoubtedly our Record Store Ambassador will figure out a way to make it better.

source: Mashable.com


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