Musical Birthdays, History and News for July 31

americanarama_web_1AmericanaRama turning into nightly superjams
Last night Beck appeared on the travelling roadshow whose headliners are Wilco, Bob Dylan and My Morning Jacket. Beck joined Wilco during their performance where they played his big hit ‘Loser’ and another song from wayback, ‘California Stars’, from Mermaid Ave (Wilco & Billy Bragg played all Woodie Guthrie tunes).
The other night in New Jersey turned out a real superjam with Dylan inviting Jeff Tweedy, Jim James and Peter Wolf (J. Geils) onstage to perform The Weight. If you watch the video, looks like a lot more folks joined the jam too. You can watch the video here

On Late Night TV tonight
Conan O’Brien (TBS 11:00 PM ET) Kevin Nealon, Christmas Abbott and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
David Letterman (CBS 11:35 PM ET) Matt Damon and Hanni El Khatib
Jay Leno (NBC 11:35 PM ET) Kate Hudson, Bob Costas and the Kopecky Family Band
Jimmy Kimmel (ABC 11:35 PM ET) Johnny Knoxville, Logan Lerman and Queens of the Stone Age
Craig Ferguson (CBS 12:35 AM ET) Jane Leeves, Ahna O’Reilly and Backstreet Boys
Jimmy Fallon (CBS 12:35 AM ET) Tyra Banks, Simon Pegg and Dominique Ansel

Born this Day
1911 : George Liberace
1918 : Hank Jones
1923 : Ahmet Ertegun (Atlantic Records)
1931 : Kenny Burrell
1939 : John West (Gary Lewis and the Playboys)
1942 : Daniel Boone
1943 : Lobo
1945 : Gary Lewis, future leader of Gary Lewis and the Playboys, is born Cary Levitch. His name is changed two years later when his dad changes his name from Joseph Levitch to Jerry Lewis.
1946 : Bob Welch (Fleetwood Mac)
1947 : Karl Green (Herman’s Hermits)
1953 : Hugh McDowell (Electric Light Orchestra)
1957 : Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets and Bauhaus)
1959 : Bill Berry (R.E.M. drummer)
1963 : Fatboy Slim
1965 : Jim Corr (The Corrs)
1978 : Will Champion (Coldplay)
1979 : Donny Osmond’s wife, Debra Glenn, gives birth to their first child, Donny Jr.

Rock History Notes for Today

In 1964…When a riot broke out at a Rolling Stones concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the show was stopped just 12 minutes into the set.
In 1964…Country singer Jim Reeves died when his private plane crashed in Tennessee.
In 1966…A Beatles record-burning session was held in Birmingham, Alabama, in protest of John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” remark.
In 1967…Country singer Jim Reeves was voted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.
In 1967…Describing the evidence as flimsy, a London Appeals Court threw out an earlier drug conviction for Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. Meanwhile, the court reduced Mick Jagger’s sentence on a related conviction to probation. Jagger was reminded by the judge to remember his responsibilities as a pop idol
In 1970…The Rolling Stones handed over an LP titled C***sucker Blues to Decca Records. It fulfilled the Stones’ contractual obligation to Decca and they were free to form Rolling Stones Records. The record was never officially released, but it became available several years later as a bootleg.
In 1971…A 22-year-old security guard was stabbed at a Who show at New York’s Forest Hills Stadium.
In 1971…Pink Floyd left England and began their first tour of the Far East.
In 1979…James Taylor played a free concert in New York’s Central Park as a part of a campaign to restore the park’s Sheep Meadow
In 1980…John Philips (formerly of the Mamas & Papas) was arrested for allegedly dealing drugs out of his New York summer
In 1984…Eric Clapton left Roger Waters’ Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Tour in Canada after two weeks.
In 1995…Aerosmith fired Tim Collins, their manager of 12 years.
In 2003…The Dixie Chicks’ tour bus was accidentally rear-ended by a pick-up truck near Babcock, Texas. Emily Robinson, the only
Chick on board, was uninjured.
In 2003…Death Row Records founder Suge Knight was sentenced to ten months in prison after being found guilty by his parole board of
punching a parking valet.
In 2004…Simon & Garfunkel wrapped up the European leg of their reunion tour with a free concert that brought 600-thousand fans to the
Roman Coliseum.


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