Tarballs Still Washing Ashore in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores

tarball (photo courtesy of FOX News)

(photo: FoxNews)

Report tarball or oil sightings to National Resource Center 1-800-424-8802

While BP patrols have left, citizens and Coastal Resource staff are finding tarballs on the beaches according to Gulf Coast News Today.

They also reported:

Regular BP patrols ended in June and now it’s up to individual citizens to alert authorities when tarballs are spotted. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are both trying to keep an eye on their beaches as well.

Cleanup crews will only respond to National Response Center (NRC) reports generated by calling 1-800-424-8802. When an NRC report is filed, the Coast Guard will then take appropriate action.

“It really puts the burden on the community to monitor for tar or oil on the beach,” West said. “Just like before the oil spill. If we saw something on the beach we called the National Response Center and the Coast Guard would usually come and check it out and try to determine the responsible party.

“Most of the tar we find is attributable to MC-252 origin and therefore BP would be the responsible party and the Coast Guard squares up with them. It’s pretty recognizable.”

And most of the tarballs are frequently found in the same areas. “We get some just east of Perdido Pass in the Park area,” West said. “We have another spot we look pretty regularly at about a mile west of the pass. It extends east from (Turquoise Place.) It could be anywhere in that area. “A smattering of other areas and right at the city limit-state park line it really picks up. The further west you go the worse it is.”

West says a few calls from the public have been coming in. “The state usually copies us when an NRC report is made within our jurisdiction,” he said. “We’ve seen quite a few that the citizens have called in, mostly on the Gulf beaches. We had one last week on one of the islands.” The bottom line, West says, is there is more oil out there and it’s likely to keep coming in.

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