Willie Sugarcapps, a Sweet Combination of Pure, Authentic Talent

Like an old live oak tree, the numerous roots of Willie Sugarcapps run far, deep and wide, yet are all connected to one source, coastal Alabama.
Edited August 21, 2013

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August 20 is the official release date for the highly anticipated debut CD of Willie Sugarcapps, a group of stellar players individually, who’ve come together during a sort of homecoming and created a piece of work worthy of longevity with authentic slices of life and sounds from their respective hometowns on coastal Alabama.

The band consists of some southern Alabama favorites, former Mobilian, now Nashvillian Will Kimbrough (who’s collaborated with Jimmy Buffett and Emylou Harris among others), Grayson Capps (full music credit in the John Travolta film ‘Love Song for Bobby Long’), Sugarcane Jane’s Anthony Crawford (Neil Young guitarist and well-known songwriter), and his partner Savannah Crawford, with that sweet magnolia voice and the highly sought after jazz/blues/rock guitarist Corky Hughes.

They came together at the rural haven, the Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm (inspired by Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble, where musicians of different backgrounds and genres are invited to perform together, noodle with new sounds, and just jam for music’s sake).   Each member takes on more than one role, leadsinger, songwriter, mandolin, violin, and guitar players that create a delicious pot of gumbo any chef would be proud of (or a box of chocolates). The fine production skills of Grammy Award winner Trina Shoemaker (whose credits include Queens of the Stone Age and Sheryl Crow) along with Willy Sugarcapps impeccably make the album come alive with spicy undertones and baritones complimenting the lyrics, creating a vivid imagery that pulls the listener in. . with , letting the stories and their emotions shine through.

 Each one carries their weight in songwriting and playing, yet the combined talent and experience form an instant pinnacle that soars higher than the simple stacking of their parts.


Americana Rock with some footstomping sing-a-longs and gentle tales of family, love. and life on the road, their debut record intertwines the deep south with the ebbs and flows, we all know, sometimes somber, other times gloriously happy, just like life. From the jigging sounds of Mr. Lee, who turns 93 today, to the pending doom of trouble rolling around the bend like a long passenger train screaming into the station. Southern places and southern troubles come to life as you feel the slow unending current of the river flow over you in “Mud Bottom” or drink the poison of the BP oil spill in “Poison” (Capps re-worked his NOLA romper with tongue in cheek reflections of the after-effects of the spill.)  On stage the energy of this quintet is not to be denied.

Definitely a must-see and a must-listen. Many congratulatory props to those who brought this brilliant project together.

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