Broadcasting Live @Bonnaroo 2014 for @92ZEW

Great Time at Bonnaroo 2014 (as always).

Some Highlights:

Highly anticipated Kanye return after the 2008 debacle that leaves ‘F*** Kanye” scribbled over the grounds every year. He did not disappoint. Came out dissing the media and unabashedly compared hisself to Hendrix, Lennon, Jim Morrison and says “I am the No. 1 muthaf-in rock star on the planet!”

But wait, There’s More!!!

Visions of grandiosity continued… “This is real rock ‘n’ roll if you ever grew up on real music. The reason why you write that s— about music. I’m from the south side of Chicago. I dreamed of R Kelly giving me a deal.”

Entertainment Weekly article, “Kanye gets Bood at Bonnaroo.” reveals some the dirt.

We heard about but missed Ben Folds jamming with Elton John

Ran into Vintage Trouble’s Geoffrey and Tate, literally, but failed to recognize them in the sunshine (last time we ‘hungout’ was during one of those severe southern storms that prevented them from playing onstage).

Seeing Wild Feathers backstage gave us the warm and fuzzy feeling of home, because we’ve seen them so many times here at home. Happiness filled our air when we witnessed masses of music fans and media soaking up their rounds of rocking sounds.  Way to go guys!


and check out this ‘awww how sweet’ wedding proposal at bonnaroo the Pablo found on imgur

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TLC in the Morning




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