Gulf Shores City Council Approves Some Layout Changes for Hangout Fest

A few layout changes to world famous Hangout Music Fest were approved at yesterday’s council meeting, but one request denied.

Alterations approved for Hangout Fest grounds include a Viacom Broadcast Center with two pools in the beach area (MTV  and VH1); allowing simultaneous shows from 9 to 11 at night on the mainstage and the Boom Boom Room, with the Boom Boom staging turning to face Southwest instead of South for better sound quality. The BMI stage moves to the general admission area.

Hangout Festival Panorama

Organizer, underwriter, Shaul Zislin also requested something attendees keep asking for, access to the beach. Three areas were requested and the council would approve only one, near the artist compound, limited to only 100 people with three lifeguards.

About the proposed changes, Hangout Festival founder Shaul Zislin said:

Widespread Panic, Hangout Festival 2011

Widespread Panic, Hangout Festival 2011

“We need to absolutely take every opportunity to try to make this thing work for us. We said we’re in it for the long run. We’ve invested millions of dollars into this event to the benefit of the city, the community and ourselves, hopefully, in the long run. But right now the only ones waiting on the sidelines for the long run is us.”

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