Jack White is High Ball Steppin’ With New Music

Jack White rolls out his second solo LP, Lazaretto, on June 10 and of course, the crafty vinyl lover reveals the limited edition vinyl will be the most unique Vault project yet for Thirdman Records/Columbia.

Posted by: Lee Ann Camp

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Jack White 'Lazaretto' album cover

Jack White’s second solo album ‘Lazaretto’ is out June 9 with a unique vinyl release as well.

It’s no secret that I’m probably one of the biggest Jack White junkies in the deep South. A lotta south Alabamers became fans after seeing his wickedly out-of-the-box set at Hangout Festival, so I may have lost the title. Nevertheless, I’m happy to report the first sip of Jack’s upcoming new record is as fine as French merlot, with a side of cinnamon bourbon.  Taste it yourself in the ‘lyric’ video below.

Described as “stormy, delicate, dramatic, volatile, scratchy and velveteen,” Lazaretto inhabits an exciting place in White’s expansive discography and is already being hailed as “classic” by the select few who’ve been privy enough to hear it. Experience a first taste of new music from the album and watch the video for the new instrumental album track “High Ball Stepper”.

In celebration of the new album and their 20th Vault package, Third Man has unveiled their most unique Vault package yet.

Jack White live at Hangout Festival 2012

Jack White live at Hangout Festival 2012 (photo by Josh Rhinehart of Music Allies)

The LP for Third Man Records’ Vault package #20 will be the ONLY limited version of Lazaretto to be released. Pressed on split-color blue-and-white vinyl and coupled with exclusive album art, this alternate presentation of the album is both insightful and deserving. Also exclusive to the Vault is a fold-out poster accompanying the album, featuring a classic National Archives photo that serves as a recurrent image throughout the album art.

Unlike the lightning bolt and inverted lightning bolt pressings Third Man did for Jack White’s Blunderbuss, this alternate art and colored vinyl will be the only time ANY variation on Lazaretto will be made. Once subscriptions are closed and records are pressed… that’s it. Don’t sleep. Get in now or regret it later.

The 7-inch includes two early demos of songs that appear on Lazaretto in their completed form. Both “Alone in My Home” and “Entitlement” are solo recordings by Jack White, done while he was in Mexico. Pressed on lustrous blue vinyl and housed in the standard felt-weave, die-cut Third Man Vault 7-inch sleeve, both tracks offer a unique glimpse into the creative process and evolution of a song from it’s original germination to its final delivery.

The bonus item is a lavish 40-page hard bound companion piece book full of lyrics, exclusive musical notations, photos and art from Lazaretto. This is the perfect accompaniment to the listening experience and insight into both the album creation method and some of the inspiration (visual and otherwise) behind it.

In addition to these items, Vault package #20 will also include a linen, letter-pressed postcard with the same eye-popping color separations as evidenced in classic chromatic postcards popular in the first half of the 20th century. Stamps not included.

Subscriptions are open through April 30th, so don’t delay and visit www.thirdmanrecords.com/vault to sign up today.

Also check out jackwhiteiii.com or thirdmanrecords.com for more musical fun.   \m/ \m/


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