Led Zeppelin Physical Graffitti Demos, Working Tracks to be Auctioned

Demo reels featuring unreleased studio mixes from the making of the band’s classic 1975 album Physical Graffiti are going up for bids, along with other memorabilia from Clapton, Lennon and more.


Physical Graffitti album

The vinyl version of Physical Graffitti has an insert slider that changes letters in windows to images.

The demos  include early versions of songs like “Kashmir,” “Custard Pie,” and “In the Light,” some of which are very different from the cuts on the record. The bidding begins next month as part of The Marvels of Modern Music auction.

Also up for bids are demos from Bad Company’s self-titled 1974 debut, a 1973 Eric Clapton demo reel, and John Lennon’s wire-rim glasses as well as his 1965 Rolls Royce registration.  Get more background on the items and hear some of the Zeppelin tracks at Rolling Stone or visit the auction site RRAuction.com.





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