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Danny Bemrose (vocals/guitar) – Aimee Driver (vocals)
David “Nova” Nowakowski (keyboards)
Stuart Nichols (bass) – Chris Durling (drums)

scars-on-45-free-show-2014Making music was the furthest thing from Scars on 45 frontman/songwriter Danny Bemrose’s mind until the professional soccer player for England’s Huddersfield Town F.C. broke his foot at 21 and his world came crashing down. “I was in limbo, without knowing what to do with myself,” he says. It wasn’t the first time that fate would intervene in the band’s formation.

Danny put down the soccer ball and picked up for his father’s guitar. “I’m quite an obsessive person. I became kind of addicted,” he says. “I used to lock myself away to write songs and record on four-track recorder.”

Those early “recordings” eventually led to the creation of Scars on 45, a quintet from Bradford, England, that combines the gentle melodic intensity of Snow Patrol or Keane with the added allure of co-ed vocals, provided by Danny and fellow lead vocalist Aimee Driver. The self-produced “GIVE ME SOMETHING” EP is Scars on 45’s first proper release and serves as an introduction to the band in advance of their forthcoming full length.

Throughout the four-track collection, Danny and Aimee’s voices weave around each other’s, creating not only beautiful harmonies but an added emotional dynamic to the storytelling found in the songs. Opening with the lilting, yet melancholic title track, the pair search for some sign–any sign–that there’s a reason to believe in a lasting love. “Everyone’s been in that situation of wanting someone and it not being reciprocated,” Danny says. “It just rules your entire life.”

Other highlights on the “GIVE ME SOMETHING” EP include the propulsive “Loudest Alarm,” a b-side from the album recording sessions, as well as a gentle, acoustic rendition of “Don’t Say,” another track that the band had originally recorded for the album (and perform live) in a grander, more fully orchestrated form. The melodic chorus of “The Way That We Are” is both fresh and at once comfortably familiar.

Taking their name from an Emmylou Harris radio interview Danny had heard, Scars on 45 initially began as a trio made up of Bemrose, his football buddy/bassist Stuart Nichols, and keyboardist David “Nova” Nowakowski, with other members coming and going. Having no public performing experience, Amy was a friend of Nova’s who originally came in to lay down some female vocal tracks for one of Danny’s compositions. Her voice would become an integral element in the band’s sound.

Then began a series of joys, heartbreaks and near misses. The band, now expanded to a quintet with the addition of Chris on drums, placed songs on A&E’s since-cancelled series, “The Cleaner,” and came close to signing a record deal only to see it fall apart at the last moment. Then came the moment they had been waiting for: “CSI: New York” selected the group’s song, “Beauty’s Running Wild,” for an extended closing scene. The music caught the attention of noted music supervisor, Alexandra Patsavas, who signed the band to her Atlantic Records-distributed label, Chop Shop Records.

Although enjoyable, the studio is “the work part,” Danny says whereas the real fun comes in playing live. “Just to be able to put yourself out there and let people know who you are is wonderful,” he continues. “What I write about is who I am really. When people listen and react to one of your songs, there’s no better feeling.”




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Scars selfie at their show in Anaheim

Scars selfie at their show in Anaheim




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