The Mowgli’s Brought the Love for 1st Night of 92ZEW’s Countdown to HangoutFest Free Concerts (Pics)

The first weekend of 92ZEW and Bud Light’s Countdown to Hangout Festival was a little wet, but splendid nonetheless for us true music fans.The Mowgli's 92ZEW Countdown to Hangout Free Concert Series Apr 6 2014  (Michele Stancil, MCSPix),

The Mowgli’s sunshiney attitude and sounds appeared to keep the rain at bay (heavy downpours were predicted, however, the sun arrived and the rain left for a beautiful night of great tunes. Everyone sang along with ‘Say It, Just Say It’ and of course their big hit ‘San Francisco’.  Yep, we were all feelin’ the love, especially when they covered a Hall & Oates’ classic. Too bad I forgot my funky 60’s glasses, striped pants and ruffle shirt.

The band had a little more edge to the indie beach sounds heard on their debut album, which is definitely a better experience than seeing a band that sounds exactly like their album. They brought on the musical feeling of the 60’s Woodstock era (sans the massive crowds rolling in the mud and dancing around bonfires).

In chatting with the So Cal band, they revealed current plans of heading into the studio very soon to record their sophomore album, but are keeping the writing and sound details top secret. They did reveal a timeframe of sometime in the Fall. Katie was looking quite smashing in her 60’s revolutionary outfit too.
Power to the People Mowgli’s.

The bandmembers are: Dave Appelbaum – keyboards and vocals; Colin Louis Dieden – vocals, guitar, percussion; Katie Jayne Earl – vocals and percussion; Josh Hogan – guitar and vocals; Matthew Di Panni- bass guitar and vocals; Spencer Trent – percussion, guitar, melodica, and vocals; Andy Warren – drums, percussion, and vocals

The Mowgli’s Website

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Thanks to Michelle Stancil (MCSPix) for sharing some of her mighty fine pics too.



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