Hangout Fest 2014 – Row in Front of the Front Row Contest

via gtc.org.uk

via gtc.org.uk

via gtc.org.uk

92ZEW and Hangout Festival have yet another fantabulous giveaway for ZEW listeners, something you can’t buy. Weekend tickets plus pass to go into the Photo Pit. Get those close-up shots like the magazines and newspapers get!

To get qualified, listen for the cue to call (snapshot sounds with Rich our voice guy saying to call in).  Caller number 9 is in the running. You’ll have three chances a day to qualify with TLC, Pablo, and Gene.

Contest starts Monday, March 24

Something only 92ZEW can do, thank you for supporting true local radio and live music on the beach.

Thanks to The Hangout and Alexander Shunnarah (attorneys 251-438-7400) for helping make it happen.



TLC in the Morning




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