12-Year-Old Could be Smarter than Einstein and Stephen Hawking

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Lydia Sebastian of Essex, England scored a 162 on the British Mensa IQ test and beat the previous high score of 161 (by an adult), putting her in the top 1% of British Mensa.

Some speculate that the 12-year-old’s IQ could put her above Einstein and Stephen Hawking.  She doesn’t like that comparison though, since they’ve contributed so much to society.
But she will take the title of “Top 1% in Mensa” all the way to college, where she plans to focus on math studies.

The highest score previously was 161 by an adult.

Here’s some sample questions if you’re curious:
1. Shopping conundrum

Prior to a sale, 17 t-shirts sold at £8 each.

The summer sale began and a further 85 t-shirts were sold at a reduced price.

The average amount paid for each tee shirt over the whole time was £6.

What was the sale price?

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2. A question of marks
What number should replace the question mark?

42 – – – 170

93 – – – 840

18 – – – 26

54 – – – 274

67 – – – ?

See the answer here


3. Sorting the wheat from the…
If Neil and Diane grow leeks,

Alec and Lisa grow carrots

and Jacob and Chloe grow beans.

Do Tom and Andrea grow courgettes or marrows?

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