Bonnaroo to Reveal Lineup via Fans and Social Media

Hangout Fest, Coachella, and Jazz Fest have all announced who’s playing, but what about Bonnaroo?
bonnaroo 2015Well, get ready because tonight, Bonnaroo is inviting fans to announce the bands while they get to watch a sneak peek of the Skrillex SuperJam Documentary plus more great performances from The Farm.

The good news is, if you’re at Eric Erdman’s CD release party, you’ll still find out via Twitter/FB, etc. Here’s how it will go down.

Fans will be instructed to follow these three steps:

1) Call 1-844-ROO-2015 between 6 – 9 PM EST on January 13th, 2015 to find out one artist from the lineup.

2) Share that artist on Instagram, Twitter or Vine with the hashtag #bonnaroo so the whole world can see it (get creative!)

3) Watch the BLAM! Feed on Bonnaroo.com for the most creative fan lineup announcements chosen from social media. And don’t miss highlights from The Farm including a sneak peak of the Skrillex SuperJam Documentary.

BLAM, that’s it! And a bonus, check out Skrillex on the small screen before you see him at Hangout Festival.


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