Free 92ZEW Interactive Phone App Has Playlist, Rate the Songs, Stream & So Much More

ZEW App - Converse with other ZEW Fans...

ZEW App - Converse with other ZEW Fans...

Free download for iPhone and Android. Just search “92ZEW” — Playlist, chat with users, rate the songs, traffic maps, weather, music news, and listen to ZEW

Here’s a sample of a couple features, like the playlist & chat

ZEW App - use your own Facebook, Twitter     ZEW App - Share your thoughts, pics, audio with ZEW and your own followers on FB & Twitter     ZEW App - Get Artist & Song Info     ZEW App - Converse with other ZEW Fans...      ZEW App - Hangout Radio live streams, updates etc.       ZEW App - Music News Feed from ABCZEW App Conversations


  • Instant Traffic Maps
  • Daily Music News Updates
  • Use your own facebook/twitter accounts
  • Listen to 92ZEW online stream
  • See playlist as songs play
  • Rate the tunes
  • Artist info and videos
  • Connect with Facebook or Twitter to chat with DJ’s and other ZEW listeners
  • Use for your Facebook & Twitter accounts
  • Share pictures, audio, articles and more
  • Instant concert and weather updates
  • Alarm Clock
More entertainment is being added and updated too. Any ideas? Tell us, maybe we can make it happen.

Remember to give it a good rating in the store too.








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