Who is TenSixtyFive Artist ‘Tim’s Holding the Tail?’

cute baby holding cattail - "Tim's Holding the Tail" band of 1065

tims_holding_the_tailEveryone’s asking who is Tim’s Holding the Tail? The band is headlining the Windcreek Casino stage at TenSixtyFive Saturday night for a good reason. It’s a superjam, Mobile style with some of the finest area musicians joining in. Suffice it to say, this could be the only time you’ll get to see all these talents together on one stage.

Rick Hirsch (Wet Willie) – guitar

Anthony Crawford (Sugarcane Jane, Willie Sugarcapps, Neil Young, ….. ) – Guitar, bass, other strings

Corky Hughes (Willie Sugarcapps, Grayson Capps & the Stumpknockers/Lost Cause Minstrels…. ) – Guitar

Mark Pfaff (Will & the Bushmen) – Bass

Jimmy Roebuck – Drums

Lewis Ross (Wet Willie) – Drums

More members and surprises coming soon.

So where’s the name come from?  Part of a southern colloquialism about doing ‘something’ to a cat (or dog) while someone else holds the tail.  As a former yankee I am offended that I never heard this phrase before!  Hilarious.

Tim is our own Tim Camp who burned up his phone getting the members together for the Mobile Music Superjam.






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