Watch Now: Alabama Shakes Debut ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’ Video

Look for the Shakes on stage at Bonnaroo 2015 and at Amphitheatre at the Wharf (Aug. 22)

alabama-shakes-official(source: ABC RadioNews) – The powerhouse vocals and guitar prowess of Alabama Shakes frontmwoman Brittany Howard are on full display in the band’s new “Don’t Wanna Fight” video. Directed by photographer Danny Clinch, the live video was filmed at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. You can watch the “Don’t Wanna Fight” video now on YouTube.

“When I was asked to film some of the new Alabama Shakes songs, I was sent the music. Honestly, it floored me. It’s a timeless record — soul, R&B, gospel, bluesy, ballsy. All the sounds I love,” says Clinch in a statement. “With that in mind, my Director of Photography and I decided that the way to capture the pure energy of these songs live would be to shoot it with one camera, no edits, and follow the energy of the song.”

“Don’t Wanna Fight” is the lead single from Alabama Shakes’ sophomore album, Sound & Color, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200.

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