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“I don’t know how to brag about this record because I’m not really accustomed to that,” says Ben Folds. “Maybe I should just say ‘this is one of the best records I’ve made’ and leave it at that.”

Quite the declaration considering Folds’ wide-ranging, genre-defying canon, but the multi-platinum-selling singer/songwriter/producer is simply that enthused about SO THERE, his debut collaboration with celebrated New York City-based chamber ensemble, yMusic. Produced by Folds with yMusic’s Rob Moose and CJ Camerieri, the album flourishes in the overlap between the pop and classical worlds, showcasing new pop songs written, arranged, and recorded by Folds & yMusic, alongside the debut recording of Folds’ critically acclaimed “Concerto For Piano and Orchestra,” which was produced and recorded by legendary rock engineer Elliot Scheiner. Songs like “Long Way To Go” and the ebullient title track are marked by forward-thinking studio craft and creative spontaneity, combining Folds’ vaunted knack for hook and harmony with yMusic’s talent for exciting interpretation.

“Every so often it occurs to me how much freedom I have,” Folds says. “In this case, it was, ‘Oh. I can write pop songs for what’s in essence a small orchestra.’”

Having spent much of 2013 composing his “Concerto For Piano and Orchestra,” Folds premiered the three-movement concerto in March 2014 to great acclaim, accompanied by the Nashville Symphony (which co-commissioned the piece with the Nashville Ballet and the Minnesota Orchestra).

Though unprecedented in a brilliant career that includes multiple studio albums, a pair documenting his renowned live performances, a remix collection, music for film and TV, an all a capella record, as well as collaborations with artists spanning Sara Bareilles and Amanda Palmer to Nick Hornby and William Shatner, Folds suggests the concerto is not all that dissimilar from his previous work, noting a direct path from Ben Folds Five’s 1999 milestone, THE UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY OF REINHOLD MESSNER.

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