Este Haim talks about exploring Jim Morrison’s old home, a saence in Zappa’s backyard, growing up and more


Hangout Festival 2016 Backstage interview with Gene Murrell and Este Haim

HaimThe very lovely and talented Este Haim dropped by the backstage ZEW Lounge to talk about various things with Gene.
Like the time she explored an old abandoned home of Jim Morrison’s. Apparently, behind the shower was another shower and bath with Morrison type graffiti.

Then there was the time Este and friends held a saence in the backyard of Frank Zappa (spoooooky).

Haim also revealed her Dad was a pro soccer player and her Mom was one of the few contestants Not gonged on the Gong Show! (was she the unknown comic?). And of course good breeding begets great education. Haim has an ethnomusicology degree from UCLA.

Listen to the entire exchange below.







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