African Farmers Using iCow to Save Livestock and Lions

iCow has nothing to do with tech or Apple.  It’s ‘psychological trickery’ that might save cattle from lions without hurting them.

icowThousands of lions are killed every year by cattle farmers in Africa, because they stalk and attack their cows.

A conservation biologist stole an idea from Indian woodcutters who ward off tigers with a backwards face mask and the butterflies that trick birds with dots that resemble eyes on their wings.  Apparently, some attackers sneak up on their prey, but when spotted, they back down and go away.

So, researchers experimented with painted eyes on cows’ butts!

Sure enough, three of the unpainted cows were killed, yet all the cows with butt-eyes were fine.

Go Figure!

Source: UNSW researcher trials iCow, a strategy to save livestock and lions in Africa


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