Ouch! Man’s Ear Bitten Off by Fellow Concertgoer at Eagles of Death Metal Show

Eagles of Death Metal (Credit: Chapman Baehler)

Eagles of Death Metal (Credit: Chapman Baehler)

Credit: Chapman Baehler

Eagles of Death Metal (Credit: Chapman Baehler)

Apparently Mike Tyson is a big fan of Eagles of Death Metal,  ar ar.

Things got weird at an Eagles of Death Metal show in Toronto over the weekend when one concertgoer reportedly bit the ear off of another fan in the crowd. If you care to see gruesome photos of said chewed-off ear, you can head over to TMZ.

TMZ also reports that the alleged attacker was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Eagles of Death Metal are currently touring the U.S., hopefully without any more ear-biting incidents.

Source: ABC News Radio


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