People Aren’t Lying Down for This Tacky Twin Tower Sale

Miracle Mattress

Miracle Mattress

So here it is, the first tacky 9/11 sale that comes from a mattress store in Texas.



A Miracle Mattress store in San Antonio, Texas, has been criticized for running a video ad on Facebook and Twitter for its 9/11 “Twin Towers sale.”

The Dallas Morning News reports the ad features Miracle Mattress store manager, Cherise Bonanno, flanked by two male employees, standing in front of two stacks of mattresses. She asks, “What better way to remember 9/11 than with a Twin Tower sale?”

At the conclusion of the ad, she throws her arms back and knocks the men backward into the mattresses, causing them to fall. She screams and then says drily, “We’ll never forget.”

The tweet initially read, “All Mattressses at twin prices!”


One Tweeter asked, “@MiracleMattress You can’t be serious. Do you have Pearl Harbor, Killing Fields and Holocaust sales as well?”

On Thursday, Miracle Mattress owner Mike Bonanno took to Facebook to apologize, writing that the video was posted without his knowledge or approval and that “the video is tasteless and an affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11.” Notice the owner’s surname is the same as the manager’s?

He concluded, “We apologize and promise to do better. Over the next several days we will determine an appropriate response to express our regret and support for the 9/11 victims and their families. But for now, only a sincere apology and acceptance of our fault is warranted. “


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