Watch #Frantilympics w/ Michael Franti & Fans at Dauphin St. Sound

Michael Franti -Frantilympics

The very talented, generous and positive Michael Franti, Jay ‘Boogie’ (guitarist) and the rest of Spearhead,  not only did an interview and performance with us while in town, he also challenged the fans to a few games called “Frantilympics – Band vs. Fans.”  He is sooo funny, especially trying to do gymnastics!

Events also included three-man ping-pong, hoverboard racing, and bike races.
He and his crew really brought a great time (especially for the Camp family who are still getting over their devastating housefire).
Here’s the video, which has most excellent editing. And yes, those are the little Campers.

BTW, Michael and some friends created a new foundation, “Do It for the Love,” a nonprofit wish-granting foundation that brings people with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges, and wounded veterans to live concerts.  How cool is that?

Pictures and interview still to come, so stay tuned.



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