What We Learned: Better E-Mails & Coffee According to Science -FB & Twitter’s New Ways to Target Ads

image-brain-coffeeHere’s Some of What We Learned Today w/ TLC in the Morning:
  • Scientists found solutions to  write better e-mails and make better coffee
  • Facebook to use your location info for ad targeting
  • Meanwhile Twitter plans to target ads by what emojis you use
  • Beware the human-sized lizards that get in the house
Brain scientists find better way to write e-mails

The study was on how e-mails are perceived when received.  They found some of us are doing it backwards.  E-mails regarding problems and solutions are better received when the solution is described first, instead of the problem.
Source: 1 Science-Based Technique That Will Improve Every Email You Write

How to Make Better Coffee According to Science

University of  Bath scientists figured out how to make coffee better,  freeze the coffee beans before grinding. Colder coffee beans produce a more uniform particle distribution, with decreased particle size. (sound Familiar? get’s smaller as it gets colder ;-) Apparently it was a slow day lol.

Source: Time Magazine

Internet of Things:  

Twitter says it will target ads based on emojis used by users and Facebook to start targeting ads based on what brick and mortar stores you visit.


lizardHuman-sized lizard intruder found in home!

In Taiwan a man friends arrive at this house and discover a monitor lizard got in the house and was trying to open the door to get out! Of course the man’s first response was to whip out the video cam.

Click here to see the video posted on Facebook

Source:  Mashable.com




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