What We Learned in Tech: Bad Android Malware and Alibaba’s New Internet Car

Android malware created by a Chinese advertising company has put as many as 85m devices at risk. Meanwhile, Chinese version of Amazon, Alibaba, is taking orders for its new Internet Car.

uh-birdphoneHummingbad Malware is one of the biggest attacks to date on Android.

It tricks users into clicking on mobile and web ads, which generates advertising revenue for its parent company, Yingmob.

This one is worse than others in that it gets into the root of the Android OS, then “calls home” to a server controlled by Yingmob.  It could be used to do virtually anything the attacker wants, from spying on personal information to stealing your bank login details.

Prevention – Use Google Play apps only, stay away from 3rd party online apps and change settings to not allow download of 3rd party apps.

Get More Details –>  HummingBad Android malware: who did it, why, and is your device infected? | Technology | The Guardian


Alibaba’s New Internet Car

Alibaba announced it’s entry into the online transportation game with a fully connected car (not autonomous, just connected).alibaba internet car

It offers personalized greetings, music and preferred destinations based on settings that can be configured from a smartphone or wearable, to the ability to use Alibaba’s Alipay payments service to pay for parking spaces, fill up with gas or buy a coffee.  It even has option for three cameras to take 360 degree selfies while driving.

We’re wondering how long before it breaks or starts spamming the cameras, or gets infected with Malware (see above).

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