The Killers’ Brandon Flowers says “The Man” is reflection of younger years

the Killers - The Man

On The Killers‘ new song “The Man,” Brandon Flowers sings from the perspective of a self-aggrandizing dude who thinks he’s “the man.” In an interview with NME, Flowers reveals that the song’s narrator is a reflection of his own personality during the time The Killers first became famous.

“Around about the time that The Killers started I guess is where ‘The Man’ hearkens back to,” Flowers says. “I can live with it, you know? But it was nice to sort of go in and inhabit that character, and that figure, and that version of myself for a song.”

“The Man” appears on The Killers’ forthcoming album Wonderful Wonderful, and Flowers fells that a “good chunk” of the album is about “making peace” with his prior attitude.

“I don’t think that was really a great representation, an honest representation of who I am,” Flowers says. “It came from a place of insecurity and I just would puff my chest out and say things and put a lot of negativity out there. I basically came to regret that and I’m sure a lot of people can identify with that.”

Wonderful Wonderful is due out this year.

Source: ABC Air Power: Rock – Music News


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