Beavis and Butthead Review Portugal. The Man

No, it’s not a reboot of the fire fire dudes of MTV, just a little music review.

(via ABCRadio)

While on tour, Portugal. the Man has been opening their shows with a video from the foremost music critics of the ’90s: Beavis and Butthead.

In the clip, which was shared on Reddit, the iconic cartoon characters give their usual snickering review of Portugal’s mega-hit “Feel It Still,” until Butthead comes to an important realization.

“This does suck, but this sucks so hard that it sucked a hole through the dimensional wall into awesomeness,” he explains with wonder. “When you compress this much crap under the force of this much pretension, you create a beautiful diamond.”

He adds, “This is the greatest band that has ever walked the Earth, but they do not walk the Earth, they float above it, for they are as gods.”

“They are better than The Beatles, better than The Rolling Stones, better than Silverchair, almost as good as Pantera,” Butthead continues. “They are our rightful lords and masters. Ladies and gentlemen, bow down to the greatest band in the world: Portugal. the Man.”

“Mike Judge is fantastic and we love him for this,” the band tweeted alongside the video, referring to the creator of Beavis and Butthead.

Portugal. the Man is currently on tour in Europe, and they’ll return to the U.S. in July.



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