Elle King Launches Tour, Talks About Troubled Times that Inspired New Album

Elle King

Elle King’s tour in support of her new album Shake the Spirit officially gets underway tonight in Nashville, TN. And after releasing the powerful, cathartic album, Elle’s ready to hit the stage. “I might be more excited than any fan could be,” she says.

“What we all love is touring and playing live shows. And that’s what feeds us and fuels us,” Elle says of herself and her band The Brethren. So what can fans expect?

“They’re just gonna get the best version of Elle and a lot of excitement,” she tells ABC Radio. “I wanna see how they react to the album. I just hope people know the words — I want them to sing it with me! That’s my favorite thing in the world!”

Elle King 'Shame'The songs on Shake the Spirit were inspired by what Elle’s experienced over the past two years: a quickie secret marriage, followed by a painful divorce, substance abuse, PTSD and depression. In her new songs, and in interviews, Elle’s been very open about all of this, and she says fans seem to appreciate it.

“I’ve just gotten a lot of really hopeful messages and people saying thank you for being so honest,” she tells ABC Radio. “It’s getting less uncomfortable. I was joking, yesterday, like, ‘I don’t think I gotta go to therapy this week,’ because every time I talk about it, I feel better.”

And now that Elle feels better — thanks to the help of friends and family — she wants to empower others to feel better too.

“I wanna show people how much better you can be and how things do come around,” she gushes. “The beauty that is pouring into my life now is just incredible, and I’m so grateful and so appreciative and I’m so present, and I just wanna celebrate everything!”





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