How LovelytheBand got their name


The L.A. group lovelytheband has “broken” out big time, thanks to their smash hit “broken,” (you heard first on the ZEW). The group’s name is certainly unusual, but the story behind it is pretty boring — much to the band members’ chagrin.

“I wish there was a cooler story to this,” lead singer Mitchy Collins tells ABC Radio. “Like we went to Joshua Tree on a spiritual quest or something, and took a bunch of acid and then it came to us in a dream…but we were sitting at Dave and Buster’s eating wings!”

Specifically, guitarist Jordan Greenwald says he and Mitchy were sitting at Dave and Buster’s trying to come up with a cool name.

“We had a previous band name that was being thrown around but we had copyright issues with it,” Jordan explains. “The word ‘lovely’ was always kinda in the mix, and we went to check it out online with Instagram and Twitter and all that.  And @lovely was already taken.”

“So we were like, oh, [let’s try] @lovelytheband, and that was available,” adds Jordan. “And we’re like, ‘Oh, that’s kinda cool — so let’s do that.'”

Lame band name origin story or not, the success of “broken” is anything but lame: It hit #1 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart and now it’s moving up the pop chart.  lovelytheband’s album finding it hard to smile is out now, and they recently wrapped up a headlining tour.

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How LovelytheBand got their name
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