Is Coldplay changing their name to Los Unidades?

Coldplay or Los Unidades

NME.com reports that new artist Los Unidades, who is releasing brand new music today, could actually be Coldplay in disguise.

The intrepid music journalists (and fans) investigated a simple tweet from Parlaphone Records:

Numerous other tidbits lead peeps to believe Los Unidades is actually Coldplay because:  The pic resembles the band (??), a legal trademark for the name ‘Los Unidades’ is owned by band members, the text at the bottom of the poster ‘Y02LPAC81ODL’ could be an anagram for ‘Coldplay2018’, and there is a brand new twitter account for @LosUnidades with no tweets yet.

And here’s a new tweet from @MissOddPot with  tracklist for the album.

We’ll find out if they is or if they ain’t today at 5pm, the set time for an official announcement.

Coldplay is also releasing “A Head Full of Dreams”  documentary/concert film  December 7.  Los Unidades translates to “The Unit” in English.



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