Nathaniel Rateliff Releases Video for “A Little Honey” and Signature Chocolate Bar for Charity

Nathaniel Rateliff - A Little Honey

Nathaniel Rateliff finally released the video for “A Little Honey,” a track from the new Night Sweats album, Tearing at the Seams.

The clip was filmed at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota, and follows a group of older couples as they enjoy the Night Sweats’ music.

“‘A Little Honey’ is a song all about love and desire,” Rateliff says. “Everyone needs some honey and sweet loving, and in the video we wanted to embrace that kind of love in couples of all ages. A burning love doesn’t have any kind of borders or age restrictions.”

In conjunction with the video, Rateliff and company are also releasing a signature chocolate bar for charity. Also called A Little Honey, the chocolate bar is crafted from 74% dark heirloom Costa Rican cacao, organic honey, blood orange and marigold petals.

The candy will raise money for the Denver Urban Gardens, which works to create “sustainable, food-producing neighborhood community gardens.”

Should you need a little honey in your life, you can watch the video now on YouTube, and you can order the chocolate via Rateliff’s website.


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