The Struts Get Their Own Cereal

The Struts Funko Cereal

Apparently, there’s a cereal company that makes celebrity cereals & snacks, and the Struts seem to be the only band that gets the honor of their own cereal, The Struts Funko’s Cereal. with a prize inside, vinyl record & download codes.

Other snacks and cereals include Clark Griswold’s Funko Cereal, Rick & Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles, WWE Booty O’s, Harry Potter Chocolate Frog, Batman Funko’s Cereal Entertainment Earth Exclusive and oodles more, mostly Harry Potter, Rick & Morty & Marvel characters. Some of them even have a little collectible figurine inside!  Tasty tunes for breakfast!

Sadly though, you’ll have to wait to fill up that cereal bowl.  It won’t be available until Dec 14.
Here’s the description:
Each box of The Struts FunkO’s cereal includes an exclusive 7-inch vinyl “21st Century Dandy” as well as a digital download code for the song. Get yours while supplies last!FYE Exclusive “The Struts” Funko Cereal.
Each box also contains a 7″ vinyl record + digital download
NET WT 7 OZ (198g)

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