Which egg is a photo and which one is a painting?

Remember the gold or black dress? Or the beach or door pic? Here’s a new one by Japanese artist, Yasuta Kaii,  who posted a challenge to his followers, “Which egg is my painting?”

Apparently his specialty is  ‘hyperrealistic’ art, where people cannot tell if it’s real picture or a painting.  Things like food, tomatoes, ice cream, etc.  He says he spent four hours a day for several days on this pic of a raw egg.  Personally, I can’t see anyone hanging an egg painting on the wall, but then again, to each his own.

Which one is real? Scroll down for the answer.

egg painting, which one is real?


Here’s another fruit pic: and an instructional video he shared on Twitter

tomato painting by Yasuta KaiiHere’s his instructional video for painting the tomato:



So which one is the painting? The egg on the left.

Yas on Instagram and Twitter


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